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General Medicine

Our services are focused on caring for post-acute, and long-term care patients.

Physicians in the heart and vascular program at N.R.R Hpspital offer care for all heart patients, from the sickest patients who need heart transplants to those at risk for developing heart disease.
Skin & VD

The dermatology department offers procedures and services both investigative and curative, pertaining to general dermatology, cosmetic dermatology and venereology..

It is providing round the clock emergency care to patients suffering from all types of neurological problems.
Trauma Care
N.R.R Hospita has the emergency medicine and surgical care expertise to provide the highest level of care available to traumatically injured patients.
Infertility Clinic
Hospital has come in existence to give a helping hand with modern techniques to many infertile couples. The centre is well established and has in recent years achieved some of the best results.
The department of urology in N.R.R Hospital offers a comprehensive urological service to diagnose urological cancers, infertility, impotence, female urology, paediatric urology,
N.R.R Hospital offers the skill and safety you need. We have orthopedic surgeons who specialize in every joint in the body, from neck to toes.
N.R.R Hospital has a team of consultant psychiatrists working in a multi- disciplinary way with a highly skilled and experienced nursing team, and dietician..
Neuro Surgery

There are well equipped critical care facilities for neurological disorders a well as investigative facilities like the EMG and EEG laboratory.

Plastic Surgery
The Hospital has got state-of art facilities for plastic as well as reconstructive surgeries.
The hospital provides comprehensive screening, diagnostic and treatment services for a wide range of Ear, Nose and Throat conditions.
N.R.R Hospital offers a variety of Physical Therapies including:
Physiotherapy - A dymanic profession that used a range of treatment techniques to restore movement and function within the body. Sound clinical reasoning and informed interpretation of assessment findings are at the core of our physiotherapist's skills.

CT Scan
N.R.R Hospital offers the industry’s most advanced technology with quick scheduling, convenient hours and fast results turnaround.
The Hospital offers services in Pediatrics (Clinics & Ward) to compliment its obstetric services and cater to outside pediatric patients as well.
Nephrology & Dialysis
Our department of nephrology is a professionally managed unit, equipped with a team of skilled and dedicated doctors and paramedical staff.
N.R.R Hospital has one of the of the most comphrensive facilities for the treatment of disorders of digestive system.
The hospital also provides immunization and vaccination services for children. These immunizations are conducted according to the schedule.
Maternity & Gynaecology
We have programme in both gynaecology and obstetrics, for prevention and early detection of disorders.
Premature Baby unit
The hospital has got state of art specialized premature birth units.
CCCU,ICU,NICU- ventilator
The unit is well equipped and is continually upgrading to stay at the forefront of intensive care technology and advances in care.
The Department is fully equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and has an extremely eminent faculty, N.R.R Hospital offers the skill and safety you need.
The Hospital offers a well-stocked 24-hour pharmacy that caters not only the needs of hospitalized patients but also to outside customers .
Laboratory, X-ray
Our lab is equipped with the latest, computerized instrumentation for quick and accurate inpatient and outpatient testing.
We have equipped with the latest, computerized C-ARM & ABG for quick and accurate inpatient and outpatient testing.
Ultrasound, Color Doppler
The hospital offers state of art ultrasound services
We have equipped with the latest, computerized instrumentation for quick and accurate inpatient and outpatient testing.
Endoscopy TMT-Stress Test
A group practice specialized physicians and nurse practitioners endoscopy TMT Stress test services.
Pulmonary Function Test
Pulmonary function tests are tests performed to make measurements of how your lungs and airways function.
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